4 Brilliant Strategies That Will Drive Traffic to Your Website

drive traffic to your website

With so much content readily available to read on the Internet, it’s becoming harder and harder to drive traffic to your website.

The steps you take to create beautiful photos, write lengthy commentary and provide links for more information all go to waste unless you figure out how to attract an audience to click on your website.

However, there are a few key strategies to drive traffic to your site that you may be missing.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to see an increase in visitors to grow your business today.

1. Optimize Your Site for Mobile

A big mistake you could be making right now includes how your website functions when a user scrolls on their cell phone.

You should have a website designed to be mobile-friendly. Did you know that statistics show approximately one-third of users on the Internet are searching online with their phones instead of their computers?

Having a mobile-friendly interface is key to drive traffic to your website.

Why? It eliminates the need to search your site using a clunky computer. In the old days, everyone would be sitting around browsing online using their laptops.

With vast technological improvements in the cell phone industry, phones have turned into portable computers of their own calibre. Phones are able to digest information at high speeds to send users information faster than ever before.

People will be on the go and need to find your website compatible with their phones while they shop in malls or go to the grocery store.

2. Create New Content and Reuse Old Content

You have a website filled with valuable content. Your blog posts are there and ready to be searched, but did they include keywords to improve your SEO ranking?

Another helpful tip to drive traffic to your website is to look back at your previous work and make some edits. The content you once wrote a few months ago can always be tweaked for the better down the road.

Add in some strong keywords that align with your website niche to boost your overall SEO ranking. Google loves it when you factor in some internal links, so weave those links into your old content.

When it comes to the photos on your blog pages, make sure to add ALT tags and to label them as they appear. If you have a picture of a product, label the ALT tag describing exactly what the picture illustrates.

3. Advertise on Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Another strategy to see your visit number soar is to begin the process of advertising on social media.

Instagram and Facebook integrated ads onto their platforms earlier this year. The way you can approach advertising on social media is to promote your best work for a dedicated audience to see.

On Facebook and Instagram, you are able to determine who you want to see your ads. You can choose the age range, gender, and location to narrow down a specific group of people you wish to show your ad.

Drawing in the right crowd is important to boost your page views, and sharing your ads through social media can help significantly.

4. Study Your Analytics

One final strategy for driving traffic to your site involves understanding your analytics.

You don’t know how to improve your numbers unless you look at the real-time stats. Utilize Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from and how you can keep them interested in your company for more than one click.

Google Analytics will show you who your demographic consists of and how they engaged while on your site, which can benefit the alterations, such as keyword changes, that you make for your site.

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