The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding What Makes A Great Website

what makes a great website

Having a website doesn’t mean you launch it one day then abandon it the next. Sure, you have a responsive design and while that is crucial for any website, that’s not everything you need.

A site needs constant upgrading and attention. What’s trending today in the world of web design will be old news tomorrow.

So, what makes a great website? Is it the design itself or rather the user experience?

We’ll go over a few tips on what should be included in your design. Ready to find out what they are?

Here we go!


When we use colour, most of the time we’re picking shades because we’re fond of them. In reality, the colours we pick create a different message than our website’s purpose.

With that being said, a palette needs to be chosen off of what the colours mean. For example, green represents peacefulness and growth while red screams excitement and youthfulness.

What makes a great website is balance. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors by cramming five different colors in your design. Stick to two or three complimentary or contrasting colors and you’ll be fine.


If the GPS in your car stopped working at an intersection, would you know which way to turn? This is similar when it comes to your website’s navigation.

For starters, it should be easily located for users. No one wants to search for a menu that should be at the top of the page normally.

And while fancy navigation design–like the hamburger menu–is tempting, keeping it simple and to the point is best. Clearly state in one or two words what the page is about and you’ll find yourself with more page views.


The days of using only stock photos are over. Nowadays, visitors can spot fake pictures on any website.

The facial expressions of the models are overly exaggerated, giving users a false sense of what your company really represents. And trust us, they know those friendly-looking faces don’t work for you.

Instead, invest in taking your own pictures. This’ll give your website an authentic feel. You can capture your crew hard at work or take headshots of them and explain what their roles are.

Be sure to upload either in PNG or JPEG format and keep the file size small. This way, they won’t take minutes to load.

A Clear Message

When someone visits your site, what’s the first thing they look for? An about page explaining what you do and how your business came to be.

Having a message that’s strong and clear will help your website become more successful. This could be in the form of an emotional story or simply a few reasons why your business can help people.

Remember to keep it honest and straight to the point. Readers should be able to understand what you do in about two to three sentences.

Wrapping Up on What Makes a Great Website

While there’s nothing to it to put a website together, it’s how the overall design is. What separates a good design from a great one is attention to detail and keeping the user in mind.

Does your site need a makeover? Contact us today!

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