Web Design Pricing

Fair & Transparent Pricing For All Projects

We believe in fair and transparent pricing. We are honest and open about of web design pricing process. Please read below for information about how we price our web design projects.

How do we calculate quotes?

Our solutions range from £700 to £10,000+ and there are many factors that dictate the solution we propose, such as the number of pages/sections you require, feature requirements, design & content requirements, your competition and your budget.

Number of Pages/Sections

We have fixed, flexible pricing for the pages/sections you require. The cost per page is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Type of page – From simple standard page to detailed landing page
  • Number of sections
  • The complexity of the design style


Aside from Pages for your service/categories/etc, your website might need additional features. Your project will be priced based on the complexity (or simplicity) of your feature requirements. These features may be:

  • Ecommerce – the ability to sell products online and take online payments
  • Membership – the ability to sell subscription services and lock areas of your website to members only
  • Custom calculators – such as quote generation tolls or bespoke product configuration tools
  • Bespoke – we have the ability to create any bespoke features that your project may need.

Design & Content

As part of your project, you may need help with content or specialist design requirements. We have standardised pricing for many of these, including:

  • SEO content writing and copywriting
  • Complex graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Motion design, Interaction & Animation


We are results driven, which is why as part of the quote process we will ask for links to your competition. We then research your competition to see what it will take to place you on the same playing field as them (and beat them). Some example of how this may impact our proposed solution are below:

  • Your competition has bespoke, high quality websites
  • Your competition has performance optimised websites
  • Your competition has SEO optimised pages
  • Your competition has high quality content
  • Your competition has engaging lead capture tools


Why do we ask for a budget? Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for the budget you have available (one that will actually provide positive results). For example:

  • We don’t want to propose a £3000 website when you need a £10,000 website
  • We don’t want to propose a £10,000 website when you can’t invest that much at the moment

We don’t do cookie-cutter sites at That Web Look. We work closely with all of our clients, big or small, to make sure they are maximising their return on investment.

Taking the examples above. If we were to look at your competition/pages/features and we see you need a £10,000 website but you have a budget of £3000, we would have a consultation to go over the best options to address this issue. Similarly, if you said you had £10,000 to invest but we determine you need a much more simple solution than that, we’ll let you know.

We’d much rather see the extra money go into other investments, like marketing, that will boost your results.

We aim to never undersell and never oversell.

Why do we provide a price range?

With over 9 years of experience delivering website design projects, we’ve learnt that projects rarely go exactly as planned. Whether it’s the scope that changes or certain areas end up being more (or less) complicated than anticipated, projects that can last several months often evolve over time.

This is why we believe in setting realistic expectations and why we provide a cost range that allows for the unexpected without any unnecessary surprises.

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